Getting started is easy. Choose from virtual training available nationwide or in-person training in the Washington, D.C. & Boulder, CO areas.


Virtual Training available nationwide

Virtual technology can be highly effective for training and behavior consultation sessions. Issues such as house training, basic manners and fearful/aggressive dog scenarios, where it is helpful to observe the dog in the home without an actual in-person presence can be very successful conducted in a virtual manner. The dog and guardians can be observed without the distraction of a stranger in the home.


  • 60 Minutes: $110.00
  • 30 Minutes $60.00
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In-Person Training

Offered at the Humane Rescue Alliance Training Center or an agreed-upon outside location in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Note: One-on-one training also available during part of the year in Boulder, Colorado at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley shelter or other agreed-upon outside locations. Dates are variable.


  • Initial training and behavior consultation, 75 minutes: $160.00
  • Follow Up session, 60 minutes: $135.00
  • Package of 3 in-person sessions AFTER an initial session: $370.00
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Dog Training Specialties

I am an exclusively force-free, positive reinforcement-based dog trainer that uses techniques based on science and learning theory. My dog training specialties are explained in a simple problem-solution format.